Designer: Robert Becker

Audio in collaboration with Lecanoscope


Free Will and the Machine

The Chrono-Schizophilia installation represents a type of brain. Each cell is enclosed in a 4x4x4 inch transparent cube set and plays sound samples. The cells communicate to one another via bright light flashes emitted from the sides of the cubes. The cells also respond to changing ambient light. The behavior of each cell varies depending on its sensitivity to light, its position to other cells, and the time duration of its sampled sound. Each cell has two modes of operation. In "Mode One", the cell emits an "utterance" and then signals to an adjacent cell to emit another utterance, and so on. In "Mode Two", the cell will emit a repetitive musical/rhythmic sound and signal to another cell to join in the "jam", etc. There is also a special cell called "The Instigator" that semi-randomly changes modes and wakes up the brain after a duration of inactivity (sleep). Ambient light wakes up the brain as well. Too much ambient light will cause the brain to go into an epileptic seizure.


Close up of a cell


Chrono-Schizophilia's incarnation at Burning Man '99 consists of a 5 x 5 matrix of cells mounted on pedestals. This nocturnal installation will be located in the "Future" quadrant of the Inner Clock and will feature sounds provided by Lecanoscope.


Contact: robert_beckerATqscaudioDOTcom